Super DodgeBall Advance

Super Dodgeball Advance was a release title for the GameBoy Advance in 2001. Out of all the initial release games for the GBA, this one was the only one that drew me in. Seriously, the initial release titles for GBA were lack luster. Anyways. I saw the insane anime moves the players were pulling off and thought it was funny enough to try it out. It also reminded me of zany antics of Loony Tunes B-Ball, and NBA JAM.

Unaware that Super Dodgeball Advance was originally a NES game and Arcade game, I thought it was a fresh idea at the time as an alternative sport title. So I skipped out on Tony Hawk, Iridon 3D and Mario Advance on the release for the GBA.

Arcade Action:

You start of with a small rag-tag team of misfits called Team Heroes wanting to work through the ranks of the Dodgeball Tournament. You’re introduced through the brutal world of Dodgeball through your team manager,one of four women without a nose(probably all lost through a freak dodgeball accident),Masumi,Sara/Ayane,Alys/Riho, and Jenny/Nanae.

Eight members fill in the roster, however, only seven are on the field at a given time, each with their own strengths and weaknesses as well as equipped with their own Super Throws. The field is divided into two sections of the opposing teams and…Do I need to explain Dodgeball? Well, maybe. There is a difference to this Dodgeball other than the anime Super Throws. Three other of the Seven are on the outer rim of the opposing teams side, providing added strategy to the traditional pastime of Dodgeball. You can pass to these team members to disorient the opposing side to confirm a hit. Otherwise, there is a chance they will catch the ball.

Catching the barrage of balls to the face is actually very easy. Press B at the right time, and you will cancel the opposing teams hit instantly. Be it their regular throw and even super throws. Unlike traditional Dodgeball, catching a ball doesn’t mean an out. No You’re actively trying to send them to the next life.

After four members have been wiped from this mortal realm, you win, and advance through the tournament. You can beat the game really quickly if you skip right to fighting the Number 1 players in the tournament. There is no slow process working through a roster of teams from the bottom up. Which is cool if you want to plow through a game quickly.

I have to earn the right to fight against the first ranked team? I don’t have time for that.

Throws and Super Throws:

For a GBA title, there is a lot of things you can pull off with your throws. Normal throws don’t just go straight to your opponent, you can change its trajectory mid-throw through the field. Another addition, as stated earlier, is the juggling of the ball between members of your team. This adds some hit damage upon throwing besides disorienting the opponents.

As for Super Throws, there are 50 different kinds.
There are Star Shots:

Wide Shots:

and Coronovirus Chinese virus Shots Chinese Communist Party Virus Shots:

Miss me with that Rona.

50-count them, all with unique ways of demolishing the opponent, and many allow change in trajectory mid-throw as well to further confuse your opponent. To activate the Super Throw, you tap twice in the direction of your opponent, and on the third step, throw. Each member has two kinds, the second kind of super throw is activated by jumping, often towards your opponent, and on the apex of your jump, throw. Activating another Super Throw. You can even pass the Super Throw to other team members once its activated, adding more strategy.

Variety of play:
While the general game is good, there is some few added varieties for changing up the game play. You can change your characters line up in the menu to cycle through them all. See their Super Throws. You also will unlock opposing teams to play as through the game. If you don’t want to go through the tournament, there are exhibition games you can play. These are single matches to pick up and play on the go, as well as letting you select the type of court you want to play.

There are a few courts that change the mobility of your team. One makes you jump higher, another is slippery, and another causes you to run in place before running off making you hit the third step for Super Throws take place in a single spot, instead of running forward.

That’s about it for this game. Going through tourney takes 30-45 minutes tops, then you’re done. I had a good time playing this title, but I wish there was more. Its super easy to pick up, and almost super easy to master. It could use some more gimmicks. Maybe a more traditional, american, play where 4 players can link up for a two on two match and instead of one ball to fight over, you get 2-4 more on screen like,like in gym class. Also, some mini games to train your team members to improve stats and trading them. Either way, good for a quick play, or party game, then you move on. I love over the top sports games, and this was a start of a slow creep of Xtreme sports titles of the early 2000s.


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